Rajeunir Black Caviar

Rajeunir Black Caviar is a prototype retail store for a start-up luxury dermatological products company that has had a successful online business and wants to expand to brick-and-mortar locations. The owners are seeking to develop brand identity through a unique environment in their store by creating individualized spaces carved out of the walls for each customer and smaller spaces are carved out for product placement. The smooth continuous surface that defines the retail space, when cut into, reveals that the surface has depth which also defines a space to frame customers and products.

Client Rajeunir Black Caviar
Location Houston, Texas
Size 700 sq.ft (65 m2)
Schedule Design 2014 / Construction 2014
Architect / Design team Open Source Architecture with Studio Jantzen
General contractor JMK Link
Digital fabrication Eric Arnold
Cabinetry Ochoa Construction
Mechanical engineer CIVE