Rajeunir Friendswood

The project in Friendswood is the third retail store for the Rajeunir Black Caviar brand. The design for this location diverges from the previous two stores, that were larger and more immersive. Since this store is smaller, the approach expanded from a previous concept proposal for a temporary pop-up environment for the same brand. Rather than a surface that wraps the interior retail environment, the pop-up concept inserts a series of objects within a space. The objects create personalized spaces for demonstrating  and displaying the products. This is supplemented by a curtain that divides the treatment space from the sales area providing privacy yet flexibility to draw the curtains open to visually enlarge the small retail space.

Client Rajeunir Black Caviar
Architect / Design team Open Source Architecture
General Contractor Enterprise Renovation
Digital Fabrication LDI Studio / Eric J Arnold
Size 677 sq.ft (63 m2)
Schedule Design 2017 / Construction 2017