White Out

White out explores the idea of difference and singularity through the process of embedding disparate geometries and objects under a homogenous white skin. The perception of difference is transformed when multiple unique geometries push and deform the surface while the white elastic skin attempts to pull the parts back into a cohesive singular object. The deformed white surface starts to white-out the objects underneath by reducing clarity similar to overexposure in photography. The push and pull on the surface discuss the simultaneously opposing and sympathetic nature of forces on the object. The process of embedding a series of geometries into a surface requires that the form of the skin is deeply affected by stretching, warping, or displacement while the deformation of the surface produces space between the taught, flexible spandex skin in tension and the rigid wood and steel structure that pushes out the surface. The pliable skin and rigid structure each has physical properties that inform how the material acts in relations to other parts of the installation. Therefore, embedding as a design process simultaneously investigates the form and behavior of the objects and surface.

Client Indianapolis Art Center
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Architect / Design team Open Source Architecture / Chandler Ahrens, Aaron Sprecher, Eran Neuman
Installation team Dennis Freiberg, Joelle Ahrens, Tyler Bracht, Shelby Harris, Jared Monce
Size 400 sq.ft (37 m2)
Schedule Design 2013 / Construction 2013-2014
Photography Open Source Architecture / Chandler Ahrens