Linda Farrow Gallery

The Linda Farrow Gallery was a proposal for a temporary pop-up retail store in an old warehouse in the meatpacking district in New York City. Linda Farrow is a sunglasses designer and brand that now supports the collections of many different designers. The design of the retail environment created a series of independent spaces to highlight each designer. The series of different designer’s exhibition spaces are connected together to form a collective space to display the entire brand. The merging of different spaces coalesces into heterogeneous, dynamic, and at times unexpected conditions. The material is elastic spandex fabric, which creates smooth transitions from the different size and orientation of the individual designer’s exhibit spaces creating a retail environment that expresses collective individuality.

Client Linda Farrow
Location New York, NY
Architect / Design team Open Source Architecture / Chandler Ahrens, Aaron Sprecher, Eran Neuman
Size 500 sq.ft (46 m2)
Schedule Design 2013