28/03/2019 > Chandler Ahrens and Aaron Sprecher moderate a panel presentation and discussion titled “Deductive, Inductive… Adaptive Methods in Architectural Design” at the 107th Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Annual Meeting  |  BLACK BOX: Articulating Architecture’s Core in the Post-Digital Era in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

 19/03/2019 > Instabilities and Potentialities, Notes on the Nature of Knowledge in of Digital Architecture, edited by Chandler Ahrens and Aaron Sprecher and published by Routeldge is available.

 19/10/2018 > Chandler Ahrens lectures at the ACADIA conference, Mexico City, Mexico.

 16/07/2018 > Chandler Ahrens lectures at the Los Angeles Institute of Architecture & Design, Los Angeles, CA.

 14/09/2017 > OSA receives an AIA St. Louis Design Distinction Award for the project Rajeunir Black Caviar in Palm Desert, CA.

 14/09/2017 > OSA receives an AIA St. Louis Design Merit Award for the project Slrsrf in Culver City, CA.

 14/09/2017 > Chandler Ahrens receives an AIA St. Louis Design Merit Award as the professor for the undergraduate design/ build studio at Washington University in St. Louis for the project for Nahed Chapman.

 10/06/2017 > Chandler Ahrens receives a Building Technology Educator Society Emerging Faculty Award.

 28/03/2017 > OSA receives a Chicago Athenaeum New American Architecture Award for the project Rajeunir Black Caviar in Palm Desert, CA.

 25/10/2016 > OSA receives an AIA Los Angeles Merit Design Award for the project Rajeunir Black Caviar in Palm Desert, CA.

13/09/2016 > Chandler Ahrens was interviewed on STL Live television talk show about the project “Fracture” as part of the Murmuration Festival.

 01/08/2016 > OSA selected for the first round of the Secret Life of Buildings competition.

 24/5/2016 > OSA selected to create an installation for the Murmuration Festival in the Cortex Innovation District, St. Louis, MO.

 15/09/2016 > Chandler Ahrens was interviewed on STL Live television talk show about the solo exhibition “Klimasymmetry” featured at the Center for Architecture + Design, STL, St. Louis, Missouri

 23/04/2014 > Chandler Ahrens designs and inaugurates Whiteout as part of the exhibition Installation Nation at Indianapolis Art Museum.

 01/07/2014 > Aaron Sprecher is featured in the Young Architects Forum.

 12/10/2014 > Aaron Sprecher leads the Creative Maker Space program at the new School Confluence, Lyon.

 23/10/2014 > Eran Neuman curates the exhibition David Yannai: Architecture and Genetics, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

 11/16/2013 > Aaron Sprecher moderates a session at Phyllis Lambert Seminar curated by Alessandra Ponte at Université de Montréal

 10/17/2013 > Open Source Architecture is featured in the book “Architect’s Notebook” (Damdi Publishing, Seoul)  

 07/12/2013 > Chandler Ahrens lectures at “BIM Futures” conference at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

 09/05/2013 > Chandler Ahrens serves as a jury member for the AIA Dallas Design Awards

 01/13/2013 > Chandler Ahrens and Aaron Sprecher will lecture at the 9th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society, session on “Technologies for Common Knowledge”, University of British Columbia. 

 12/10/2012 > Aaron Sprecher’s recent studio projects co-taught with Martin Bressani are on display at the Canadian Center for Architecture 

 08/15/2012 > The exhibition “Informed Consent: Open Source Architecture Recent Projects” opens at Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery

 04/19/2012 > Eran Neuman lectures at the conference “On the Operativity of Theory and History”, at Harvard Graduate School of Design

 03/31/2012 > Aaron Sprecher is respondent at “Infrastructures Territoriales”, Phyllis Lambert Seminar 2012 curated by Prof. Alessandra Ponte

 03/30/2012 > Open Source Architecture participates to the exhibition “Diagramme(s)” at Ecole Speciale d’Architecture, Paris, curated by Odile Decq as part of the “Salon du Dessin 2012  

 03/25/2012 > Aaron Sprecher has been awarded a prestigious Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant to advance research in computational architecture.

 02/15/2012 > Open Source Architecture is featured in the article “Forme et Information. Chronique de l’Architecture Numérique” by Georges Teyssot and Samuel Bernier-Lavigne, in “Action Architecture”,Guiheux A. (ed.), Editions de La Villette, Paris

 01/18/2012 > Chandler Ahrens and Aaron Sprecher lectures at the Technology, Knowledge and Society Eighth International Conference at the University of California Los Angeles

 01/20/2012 > The book “Performalism: Form and Performance in Digital Architecture”, co-edited by Eran Neuman and Yasha Grobman is published at Routledge

 10/29/2011 > Chandler Ahrens lectures at Advancing Sustainability Conference in Los Angeles

 09/08/2011 > Eran Neuman lectures at the prestigious European Culture Congress together with Umberto Eco, Brian Eno, Vaclac Havel and Aphex Twin.

 07/08/2011 > Chandler Ahrens lectures at Extreme BIM 2011 at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles

 05/18/2011 > Aaron Sprecher lectures at the conference “Virtues of the Virtual” at McGill University

 03/20/2011 > Chandler Ahrens moderates a round table discussion for the Mock-ups Exhibition at the WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles

 03/04/2011 > Aaron Sprecher lectures at Syracuse University as part of the Transdisciplinary Media Studio led by Prof. Mark Linder. 

 01/20/2011 > Aaron Sprecher lectures at Laval University in celebration of the School of Architecture’s 50 anniversary. 

 01/2011 > Eran Neuman’s book “Shoa Presence: Architecture and Holocaust Culture” is forthcoming in 2011 at Ashgate.

 10/25/2010 > The book “LIFE in:Formation” (co-edited by Aaron Sprecher, Shai yeshayahu and Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa) and the exhibition catalog “Evolutive Means” (co-edited by Chandler Ahrens, Axel Schmitzberger and Michael Su) are now available on“Life in:Formation” and “Evolutive Means”

 11/24/2010 > Aaron Sprecher lectures at University of Toronto.

 10/21-24/2010 > Chandler Ahrens and Aaron Sprecher are co-chairs of the ACADIA 2010 Conference at Cooper Union, NYC. Visit us at: 

 10/25/2010 > ACADIA 2010 is now concluded. This year’s conference gathered a fantastic panel of designers, architects and theorists such as Antoine Picon, Georges Teyssot, Alessandra Ponte, Nader Terhani, Evan Douglis, Karl Chu, Georges Legendre, Mark Linder, Winka Dubbeldam, Chris Perry and many others. The lecture of Antonino Saggio is available online.