Optimization of the roof as a solar receiving surface for net zero photovoltaic electrical production generates the form of the 450 square foot (42m2) addition and renovation of an existing house in Culver City, California. The rotation of the roof surface to maximize solar intensity creates an opportunity to thicken the north wall to place systems otherwise located in the attic space, allowing a much taller ceiling of the living spaces. A new stair is located between the addition and existing house that integrates the library shelving displaced by the stair.

Design teamOpen Source Architecture (C. Ahrens, E. Neuman, A. Sprecher)
Structural EngineerParker Resnick
Budget $250,000
Size 450 sqf residential addition and 1,500 sqf renovation
Phase 1 Design 2012
Phase 2 Building Permit and Construction 2012-2013
Awards AIA Design Merit Award St. Louis 2017