The Hylomorphic Project

This experimental structure is generated by a pioneering customized technological engine that aims at defining design solutions in response to a wide range of structural and environmental parameters. Based on a groundbreaking research that offers the possibility to integrate the expertise of designers and engineers on a unique computational platform, The Hylomorphic Project envisions the possibility to fully automate design solutions, structural optimization, material performance and fabrication methods based on using evolutionary algorithms.

Client MAK Center for Art and Architecture
Location Schindler House, West Hollywood, CA
Phase 1 (2004-2005) Preliminary design and computational algorithm
Phase 2 (2006) Structural and environmental algorithmic components | Fabrication and Prototyping
Design Open Source Architecture (C. Ahrens,E. Neuman, A. Sprecher)
Computation Kristina Shea and Martina Gourtovaia, Cambridge University
Structural Engineering Judith Leuppi, ARUP Los Angeles and London
Structural Testing UCLA Structural Testing Lab
Construction Open Source Architecture and the Federal Group, Shanghai
Budget $30,000
Size 400 sqf
Materials CNC milled aluminium, wood