C-Chair concerns the design of a computational chair inspired by biological mechanisms. C-Chair represents the first phase in the development of an algorithmic framework for the evolution of differentiated architectural forms. The C-Chair itself can be thought of as a metaphorical artifact of both a biological system and an object-oriented machine. It is composed of two components – a tree and a rhizome. The tree represents the structural support system, and the rhizome acts as the surface. Each component has its own innate “knowledge” concerning its morphology.

Client  Interieur Foundation
Design Concept Open Source Architecture (A. Sprecher) and Paul Kalnitz
Project team Open Source Architecture (C. Ahrens, E. Neuman, A. Sprecher)
Computational Scripting Paul Kalnitz
Fabrication Open Source Architecture and Paul Kalnitz
Size 1.2m x .6m x 1m
Planning 2007