I-Grid is an environmental installation installed along the infamous strip of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. I-Grid consists of a computed protocol that transforms the original format of an existing 20 ft x 50 ft billboard. An evolutionary algorithm produces a series of iterated mutations that index the intensive computing technology. I-Grid expresses the instability and potentiality inherent to our shared urban environment. It aims at transforming the traditional notion of the billboard into a soft diagram that registers a multitude of perceptual mutations.

Client City of West Hollywood
Design concept Open Source Architecture (C. Ahrens, E. Neuman, A. Sprecher)
Computational scripting Open Source Architecture (A. Sprecher, C. Ahrens, E. Neuman)
Special Thanks to Kimberli Meyer at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture
Billboard Printing CBS Outdoors
Planning 2006
Installation 2006