Evolutive Means

Inaugurated on the occasion of the prestigious conference ACADIA 2010, the exhibition Evolutive Means utilizes a computation procedure that crowdsources the ACADIA community. The objective of this pioneering protocol is to index the position of contemporary architectural ideas and concepts in relation to peer-reviewed projects, guest projects and the larger ACADIA community. Based on the established relationships, the algorithm determines the location of the individual projects in the gallery space as well as the attributes of the display volumes.

Client ACADIA 2010
Curators Chandler Ahrens, Axel Schmitzberger and Michael Wen Su
Design team Open Source Architecture, John Carpenter, Axel Schmitzberger and Michael Wen Su
Computation Chandler Ahrens and John Carpenter
Fabrication Chandler Ahrens and Michael Wen Su
ACADIA 2010 Conference Chairs Aaron Sprecher, Shai Yeshayahu and Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa
Size 2,200 sqf
Planning 2009-2010
Construction 2010