Tautos Namai, Lithuanian National Concert Hall

Tautos Namai is a new national symphonic concert hall in Vilnius, Lithuania. The complex is organized around its two performing spaces: the main hall and the small hall. These two spaces define a public piazza that assures a continuity of the historical urban axis running from Vilnius Municipality Square and Lukiskiu Square to reach the top of Tauras Hill where the newly conceived Concert Hall Square offers a new destination. The urban axis leads to a grand stair that combines steps, ramps, and platforms for the citizen to organize informal concerts and community events while serving all the spaces of the concert hall. The geological formation of the two main halls offers a monolithic expression that is interrupted by large openings revealing the wooden and soft interior of the concert halls, a reminiscence of the Lithuanian tradition of wooden buildings.

Client WeRoll LLC.
Architect / Design team Open Source Architecture
Engineering Nick Rodriguez
General Contractor WeRoll LLC
Location Huntsville, Texas
Size 26,600 sq.ft (2,471m2)
Schedule Design 2017