Instabilities and Potentialities, Notes on the Nature of Knowledge in Digital Architecture

Now that information technologies are fully embedded into the design studio, Instabilities and Potentialities explores our post-digital culture to better understand its impact on theoretical discourse and design processes in architecture. The role of digital technologies and its ever-increasing infusion of information into the design process entails three main shifts in the way we approach architecture: its movement from an abstracted mode of codification to the formation of its image; the emergence of the informed object as a statistical model rather than a fixed entity; and the increasing porosity of the architectural discipline to other fields of knowledge. Instabilities and Potentialities aims to bridge theoretical and practical approaches in digital architecture.

Editors Chandler Ahrens and Aaron Sprecher
Contributing Authors Georges Teyssot, Antoine Picon, Mark Linder, Dana Cupkova, David Freeland and Brennan Buck, Viola Ago, John Carpenter, Nicholas de Monchaux, Martin Bressani, Volkan Alkanoglu, Thom Mayne, Alvin Huang, Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, Alessandra Ponte, Laurent Stalder, Satoru Sugihara, Greg Lynn, Tom Shaked and Uri Dublin, Jose Sanchez, and Theodora Vardouli
Graphic Design (cover) Rebecca Leffell Koren
 Routledge, a Taylor & Francis Group
Location New York and London
Publication date 2019